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In most companies, the Chief Financial Officer, or CFO, is in charge of evaluating and managing financial risk. This person may also handle financial planning, discuss a company's financial details with supervisors and maintain documents. CFOs deal with short-term operations, such as cash flow management, as well as long-term tasks like evaluating financial opportunities. 

Expedient Accountants provide alternate solutions to hiring a permanent CFO. Our options are affordable, and they give you more staffing flexibility. Our CFO will collaborate with your company's finance department to improve efficiencies in all areas of your business. We know that your company's needs are unique. Therefore, we will work with you to make sure that our strategies are right for your business. 

Instead of making financial arrangements to hire a permanent CFO, you can contract with us on a temporary, part-time, or virtual basis. 


Expedient Accountants transactional service consists of preparing your company's monthly financial reports, providing QuickBooks™ installation, training and support to your team, and reading your business's tax returns along with completing periodic profit and loss analysis statements. This level of service may also include sales and payroll tax preparation and filing.


Expedient Accountants controllership service offers a higher, more involved level of service. In addition to full access to our transactional services, we will also manage your company's cash flow and payroll. Our controllership service level includes budget, bill, and financial account management. We will consult with you by telephone as often as you need, and we will conduct monthly meetings with you in person or through virtual methods.


When you need comprehensive CFO assistance, consider ordering virtual service. Our team takes care of the same tasks that the CFO of a major corporation completes, which is typically unaffordable for boutique and medium sized operations. Our virtual CFO services can be used with our transactional or controllership services, or you can choose to order virtual assistance as a standalone service.

Our virtual CFO services include handling your company's cash flow, preparing profit strategies and developing weekly and monthly predictions for your cash flow needs. We will create a succession plan for your business and provide estate-planning advice. Our expertise extends to debt restructuring, and we will be available for monthly meetings either in person or virtually.

Customized Solutions

Whether you choose transactional, controllership or virtual services, we will work closely with you to customize your company's financial management program. You can keep staffing costs low while still making sure that your company's accounting and financial matters are handled properly. 

Need an Interim CFO?

Don't let the unexpected loss of a key member of your accounting team bring your business to a halt. Expedient Accountants would be happy to provide one or more well-trained consultants to manage your finances until you can hire new staff.

As interim employees, skilled specialists from Expedient Accountants can serve in the capacity of Chief Financial Officer, accountant, controller, treasurer or any combination of these positions. Our team has the experience and know-how to manage every financial aspect of your small-to-medium business:

  • Operations
  • Equity and debt financing
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Mentoring and coaching 
  • Keeping perfect books
  • Preparing taxes
  • Communicating risk and value

Your interim CFO is ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work. Hire our team to fill a temporary staff vacancy, and when it's time to transition back to your original or new staff we'll facilitate a seamless changeover. Alternatively, you may find yourself so pleased with our senior-level accounting services that you opt to retain our services permanently (it's happened before).

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